Sunday, 22 April 2012

Twitters PMT stories

Women really ARE mental.

Last night on Twitter, I was having a conversation with @carlroney... He had argued with his wife, and wondered if all women were actually mental .... or just his wife.

This got me thinking about mildly mental things that I and other girls I know have done whilst having PMT ... hormones are a dangerous thing ... 

I asked my followers for any PMT stories that they had... or any from poor suffering men ....

This is what I received.....

@dafydd13 " I once had a box of hot vegetable chow mein thrown at me because it didn't have any beef in it. My fault apparently."

@the_holy_log " Hehehe. My friend was annoyed at her husband watching the football so she put a brick through the telly, she was also naked"

@roguebunny ." my ex once threw a chip pan through a fucking window at me. Fucking menstrual cunt"

@canoeblue " I had a sky remote hoyed at my head because the wrong genre of music was on. The other side of PMT."

@ladyg117 " Reet. OH was playing my piano fucking badly.. Would not shut the fuck up.. So I turned off the electric and cut the plug off."

@mrsbodge " threw the iron at hubby when he asked me to iron a shirt as he'd been pub, iron was hot managed to embed it in the wall!!"

@louisee182 " I once threw my trousers at my mum and started crying because she didn't tuck the pockets back in after washing them"

@mrsbodge " took his dinner and cutlery into the pub as he was late the whole pub went silent not 1 person spoke threw it all at him & left"

@diaryofaledger " girlfriend and I had row before cinema. She turned up at cinema and demanded, in front of audience, that I drove her home."

@tummycustard " My ex yelled at me out of nowhere accusing me of being racist. "You don't like my friend because he's black!" I'd never met him."

@greatauntiejojo " kicked shopping across car park then went inside and had tantrum that ended with hitting myself over the head with a baking tray"

@arcpad " floods of tears in the street last week, no reason at all (apart from PMT and heavy shopping)"

@steve_hobson " I left a used tea bag on the drainer early one morning, mrs nearly left me"

@RUSSTIKI " my wife once threw a biscuit tin at my head & when I asked her why she did it , she said "I didn't!""

@ladykirsty1982 " not PMT but i had HAD to throw dylans toast on the floor and put blob of flora light in his tea cas he pissed me off"

@gemster_ " well I got on a last minute flight to Toronto after a seriously bad pmt spell. As I landed I knew I had fucked up."

@fluffetyfluff  " my friend once threw her husband out for a week because he didn't rinse the bottom of the washing up bowl after doing the pots"

@justhelens  " Repeatedly slamming a glass paned door whilst screaming that I was going to stab my sister to death, and all the glass fell out."

@_snizzles_ " my mum on separate occasions threw my brother and a saucepan of boiling water at my dad!"

@gracie_k83 " my ex once complained that I'd not ironed his clean clothes. So I laid them all out in the front garden in the rain."

@bigblunderboy " obviously not PMT but i once taught a lesson to a frying pan of mince that was sticking by smashing it against the kitchen wall."

@kinglumpy " my mates girlfriend burned all his clothes and gave them back to him in a sandwich bag!"

@phatnova " my mum smashed a bottle of aramis over my head cos I refused to go to school , smelt like a nonce for weeks ... I was fourteen"

@toliveistoHAI " A mates girlfriend went nuts and smashed up the inside of his Volvo with a high heeled shoe. Who knew Volvos were so flimsy?"

@trey78uk " My mum frisbee'd the only record I owned at my head because I wouldn't go to bed. Dancing In The Street, Jagger and Bowie."

@its_spanner " yesterday night I heard "puff the magic dragon" on the radio, it made me well up. PMT at its worse."

@kinglumpy " my wife threw a full length mirror at me from the top of the stairs I was sitting at the bottom. Would have fckin decapitated me"

@jack744 " An ex threw a radio alarm at me because I didn't put it back an hour when the clocks changed. Could've been GMT though."

@death-stairs " ha! Once my GF cracked an authentic African musical shaker instrument over my head because I didn't want to watch Holby City"

@mandronicus " My ex took kitchen scissors to her hair in floods of tears, chopping major chunks out, shrieking she hated f'ing Nicky Clarke."

@drjatn " Friend went home with a perm, hub said "Hi Deidre". Cos of PMT she went back and had head shaved. "Hi Ken" said hub on return." 

Certified proof that women are completely BATSHIT.