Monday, 3 October 2011


Hi, I'm Twinks ... ..

Obviously that isn't the name my mum gave me ... as she isn't a 17 year old council estate chav... but Twinks will do for now.

I'm here to post my rants and daily pissed off with the general publicness ... and also to post anything else I cant fit in to 140 characters on Twitter.

I have often been told i should write my rants down ... I probably have anger management issues, I dunno ... but I've found as I've got older that most things in life piss me off ... mainly involving people.
I don't really like people ... on the whole I find  they are a bunch of cock wombles ...

Read if you want ... or don't bother ... i shan't sob in to my pillow over it. 

all negative comments will be read and filed under 'I don't really give a toss'

happy reading 

love Twinks x

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